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What 10 Years of Marriage Looks Like

When we got married, on a cold, sunny, snowy Saturday ten years ago, (you can read the story about it here), our tenth anniversary seemed like it may as well be one hundred years away – I couldn’t fathom it. February 16, 2008 was a banner day. Then, all of a sudden, ten years […]

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    EP Member Spotlight ~ Ellen Duffield: Shifting to Bridge Building Leadership

EP Member Spotlight ~ Ellen Duffield: Shifting to Bridge Building Leadership

Like many young girls with “get ‘er done” type personalities I was often called “bossy” or “pushy” by friends and family. This, and many other messages, reminded me that girls should be seen and not heard; and that nice girls should not have strong opinions. Since my personality happens to be balanced by it’s […]

EP Member Spotlight ~ Cathie Ostapchuk: The Way I Lead

In my leadership journey, I have experienced the challenge and the joy of working alongside amazing world changers who bring different leadership styles to the table.
I have noticed there are two camps of those who are leading established organizations, launching new startups, or leading their own personal ministries. In one camp are the ‘managing leaders’, […]

Lessons from a Cactus Garden

In my office, I have a little, unremarkable, cactus garden. Ten years ago, I received a little package of expired cactus seeds, a remnant from a long-gone Veggie Tales movie promotion. Those are the kinds of bonuses I get in my line of work. Total glamour. Because I like a challenge, I found a […]