On Lockdown

Yesterday, our sweet girl came home from school talking about a different kind of “fire drill” they’d had at school. Turns out, it wasn’t a fire drill at all.

Her kindergarten class was practicing a lockdown drill. They’d had to learn how to hide, silently, in the classroom. She said some people even had to […]

Lessons from a Cactus Garden

In my office, I have a little, unremarkable, cactus garden. Ten years ago, I received a little package of expired cactus seeds, a remnant from a long-gone Veggie Tales movie promotion. Those are the kinds of bonuses I get in my line of work. Total glamour. Because I like a challenge, I found a […]

New Year’s Wishes

A few years ago, on a snowy December day, as my baby girl napped after a fun afternoon grown-up playdate, I sat toe-to-toe on the couch with a girlfriend who was walking through a particularly hard season. We drank our coffee, used half of a box of Kleenex as we considered the heartache that […]

Word of the Year: JOY

Last weekend, I was considering my word of the year for 2018, and almost immediately, I knew it. I just know when I know, and I knew, and I was EXCITED. I’m learning that these words are the kindness of God, speaking promise and hope to my heart in the busiest time of the […]