On Canada Day & Gratitude

It’s Canada Day, and although some say they’re proud on this day, I’ll tell you what – today I’m grateful. I had the wild opportunity as a young person to travel to a lot of countries. Beautiful countries like France, Germany, El Salvador, Mexico, and Guatemala, meeting beautiful people who shared their unique stories. […]

Learning to Give Thanks: Family

Recently I realized that, as the calendar turns to October, my mood changes to cranky as I look ahead to long days of dark and snow and cold and ice (and misery) in my adopted homeland. (Dear, dear Ontario, I love you, and you gave me blessed husband and sweet baby, but your winter lasts […]

On Making a Home

A girl can learn a lot about homemaking if her mom is a home economics teacher – and I did. And I definitely used that to my advantage for an easy “A” in domestic science. However, there’s an awful lot more to making a home than they ever thought about teaching us in high […]

Easy-Peasy Chocolate Macaroons (A Recipe!)

Yeah, so this Christmas? It’s been a tricky one. I’ve decorated some, sorted out gifts, and done what I could despite circumstances this month that have left us worn out and weary. It’s meant that doing ‘the next right thing’ just hasn’t included Christmas cookies or baking or even planning and prepping some of […]