What 10 Years of Marriage Looks Like

When we got married, on a cold, sunny, snowy Saturday ten years ago, (you can read the story about it here), our tenth anniversary seemed like it may as well be one hundred years away – I couldn’t fathom it. February 16, 2008 was a banner day. Then, all of a sudden, ten years […]

On Going to the Funeral

Sometimes choosing to postpone your personal agenda for someone else’s need is the greatest decision you’ll ever make.

My friend Tressa shared these words today, and I read them on my way home from a funeral. A funeral that my beloved and I took time off work to attend. A funeral that meant we had […]

When Rest is Best

We watched a lot of Daniel Tiger when our sweet girl was in JK. It was because I’d read an article about how it was the only show that made kids better-behaved instead of worse-behaved. Good justification for screen time and a mama-break, right? Another article said parents watching it with their kids helped […]

Word of the Year: JOY

Last weekend, I was considering my word of the year for 2018, and almost immediately, I knew it. I just know when I know, and I knew, and I was EXCITED. I’m learning that these words are the kindness of God, speaking promise and hope to my heart in the busiest time of the […]