God-Gave-Us-YouSweet One, there is absolutely no shred of doubt in my mind and heart that God gave us you. I know that your life is a good and perfect gift to us – a shockingly beautiful gift, this absolutely undeserved grace that your Daddy & I get to unwrap every single day.

We prayed for you, we dreamed of you, and when we met you we understood that we had this capacity to love that was unlike anything we’d known before.

There are no accidents, love. We were meant to be a family. God gave us you as a gift, but not one that we own or can hold too tightly. Your life is a gift that is to be gently, intentionally, wholeheartedly cared for and shared with others. One day (that will come far too soon), you will be the full steward of it, and we will have to hand over this gift. I hope we model this life-stewardship well, although we are so imperfect.

I suspect that it will get harder and harder for me to share you as the years pass, and your independence grows (and heaven help me when I have to share you with a boy – but that’s something we’ll get into another day.) When you no longer want to ‘help’ me use the potty, wrestle me when getting into the car seat, and have learned that throwing food on the floor isn’t allowed.

My hope is this: that when that day comes, as it will, that our world not only recognizes you as the good gift that you are, but that you have the eyes and heart to see that those around you are good gifts too. Gifts that God has given to us to unwrap, share, and celebrate.

In the meanwhile, I’m so very grateful that God gave us you.