There will be days...
There will be times, Child, when it feels like the rug has been pulled from beneath your feet, and you’re shaken to your core.

These times will come when you least expect it. Days when gunshots ring through Parliament and the supposedly safe country you live in seems confused and shocked and without answers. Days in which those who sacrificed life itself on your behalf are betrayed. Days that make no sense at all. Weeks in which we read death notices through tears, watch unthinkable news stories of babies abandoned in storage lockers, and hear of accidents leaving bodies broken across sidewalks and country roads.

And it’s all too much for us, Love.

What I want you to know, Dear One, is when things are dark you can hang on to hope. You have choices, even in chaos. It seems as though when we are shaken we realize what is dearest to us, and that we need Heaven to be real because this world can’t be all there is.

Choose to surrender those things that will fade into obscurity with time, and hold hands with those whose souls matter for eternity. When we stop scrambling to corral wildly spinning circumstances, we can know fully that there is One who holds us secure. This is where we find this hope that does not disappoint.

Some things will never make sense. With only 25 months of experience in this crazy place, I think you know that better than some with decades of life behind them. I want you to know that when the going moment by moment gets hard, we have the choice to hang on for dear life to “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.” Hold on to Hope, Child.