Light-Up-The-DarknessMy dear girl – if you are anything like your Mama, there will be days when you have this fire in your bones, and your mind cannot hardly process quickly enough to combine words that express what you’re feeling and thinking and dreaming. Oh, I want you to have those moments. Such clarity and purpose can come from them.

I pray that you will have fire in those precious bones. Things that you are so convinced of that you can’t back down, even if it costs you. Life is far too short for us to simply pass through without burning passion, certainty and calling. For sure, there are days when we simply sail through calm waters, and then days when the wind blows and you hang tight, or adjust your sails and move ahead. And then, dear one, there are days when you realize that the status quo is where you cannot be, what exists is not enough, and you’re not content to simply adjust your sails as the wind changes direction, but need to build a new boat.

Learn to express yourself wisely and with grace when you cannot stay silent. This fire may burn hot, and be an agent of change – change that needs to happen – but it can also wound and scorch and leave damage if it is unchecked.

When you figure out who and what you really care about, and burn to see needs met and things change, you’re in a really good place, Child. Our world needs more wise people who cannot stay silent. Burn brightly, Dear One.