Replenish Elmira

Connect with other women and spend some time focusing on you. Start 2018 finding strength in your own vulnerability and authenticity.

We know you spend so much of your days worrying about others and wrapped up in the day-to-day because our lives are like that too.   This is your chance to stop, breath and […]

Acton Women’s Breakfast

“Women’s Breakfast” where women from the community of Acton get together and enjoy breakfast, have a time of praise and worship and leave the morning being refreshed, encouraged and renewed.

For more information, and to buy tickets, click here.

Leverage Victoria Luncheon

We are not called to do life alone, and often leadership can feel lonely. Here is your chance to connect to a community of other women who are leading where God has placed them. Each location varies, ministries look different, and those we lead are unique too, but we can all learn from one […]

Convene Women’s Conference

God is calling each one of us to wait on Him. We often try to run ahead of God or take matters into our own hands but this will usually lead to pain and frustration. Sometimes we get stuck in the waiting. Waiting for a bridegroom, a child, a house, a friend, a job, […]