Gather Women

On Monday, I watched as a town unraveled in a matter of minutes. Many of us did, I suspect, as unmasked reporters choked on tear gas, shots rang out, and fires erupted.

It would be so easy to say, “not my people, not my mess, not my country,” but I know that in my country, we have our own messes to deal with. These things bleed across our globe.

Oh, that we would be wise in the face of such pain and human brokenness. Oh, that we would make wise choices; choices that prioritize justice and compassion and the value of human life, not just when riots break out but in our life, day by day.

Earlier this month, I gathered with 30 other women to dream, imagine, and consider what might be possible if we chose to step out and gather our sisters, coast-to-coast, harnessing our collective power and releasing our collective gifts for good. Moving into a new space, beyond traditional physical, psychological, geographical and cultural boundaries. Heady stuff, to be sure. Bewildering, amazing, and life-giving stuff.

Although we don’t know exactly what this gathering in really is yet, this is clear: our world cries out for it. For the justice of it. For the beauty of it. For the sheer redemption of it. So today, my prayer for us women who gathered, and those of us who imagine gathering with others in this beautiful space is this:

Lord, where there is disunity, make us women united under You.

Lord, where there is isolation, make us women who gather together under You.

Lord, where there is fear, give us courage in You.

Lord, where we keenly feel our lack, reveal to us Your plenty.

Lord, where there is and has been stark disparity, use us as agents of Your justice.

Lord, where we have failed to love, give us compassion, understanding and Your heart.

Lord, where there is disquiet, comfort us with Your peace.

Lord, where there is brokenness, use us as proof of redemption and agents of reconciliation.

Lord, may we be women who come to You – and each other – in humility, living as your diverse, beautiful, living, breathing, Body in this world of need.