On Having an Adoptive Mother’s Heart

In our house, we have a lot of kitchen counter conversations. The kind where you’ve emptied all sorts of bits and pieces of deliciousness out of the fridge, like a cheeseball and crackers or summer sausage or a fruit tray, and stand there snacking while you solve the world’s problems? A couple years ago, […]

Be Still: Word of the Year

I’m a word person (for real, my primary love language is actually words of affirmation), so for the last number of years I’ve picked a personal word of the year. It’s become a spiritual discipline of intentionally focusing on what I believe God is doing in my life, what I pray He will do, […]

On Being Fully Alive {Ellen’s Pick Linkup}


This fall I was scratching out answers on a government form – name, date & place of birth. Standard stuff. Then, gender, to which there were five possible answers, plus an “other” checkbox. We are living in new times, friends. I’m still sorting out what I think about this, especially as the mother of […]

What I Learned This Fall

You may not know it, but this spring I quietly joined the hope*WRITERS community after hearing Emily Freeman’s  heart for it over supper on an icy, snowy February night. I love writing, whether or not anyone reads my words, but in case someone does, I thought I’d better see how I could be better […]