EP Member Spotlight ~ Cathie Ostapchuk: The Way I Lead

In my leadership journey, I have experienced the challenge and the joy of working alongside amazing world changers who bring different leadership styles to the table.
I have noticed there are two camps of those who are leading established organizations, launching new startups, or leading their own personal ministries. In one camp are the ‘managing leaders’, […]

Lessons from a Cactus Garden

In my office, I have a little, unremarkable, cactus garden. Ten years ago, I received a little package of expired cactus seeds, a remnant from a long-gone Veggie Tales movie promotion. Those are the kinds of bonuses I get in my line of work. Total glamour. Because I like a challenge, I found a […]

On Going to the Funeral

Sometimes choosing to postpone your personal agenda for someone else’s need is the greatest decision you’ll ever make.

My friend Tressa shared these words today, and I read them on my way home from a funeral. A funeral that my beloved and I took time off work to attend. A funeral that meant we had […]

EP Member Spotlight ~ Ann Mainse: Am I in the Way?

A new year. A fresh beginning. For some of us, the new year unveils a vast horizon of undiscovered possibilities… exciting opportunities waiting to be experienced. Others of us step over time’s threshold timidly, with hesitation, unsure of our ability to meet those yet-to-be realized life-challenges.
Me? I tend to do a little of both. […]