New Year’s Wishes

A few years ago, on a snowy December day, as my baby girl napped after a fun afternoon grown-up playdate, I sat toe-to-toe on the couch with a girlfriend who was walking through a particularly hard season. We drank our coffee, used half of a box of Kleenex as we considered the heartache that […]

Why I’m Grateful for My Adoption Story

I’m so grateful to have my friend Lorilee Craker visiting today. I was honoured to write an endorsement for her memoir, Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me: What My Favourite Book Taught Me about Grace, Belonging & the Orphan in Us All. In the spirit of learning to give thanks, and the […]

Day 6- Allow Your Heart to Be Broken

Child, there are things in this world that will break your heart. Things that will be so painfully difficult to understand. Things like babies who are abandoned at birth, which can shatter a heart into a thousand pieces, and haunt your memories as you try to reconcile them with your own circumstances and story […]

Day 1: God Gave Us You

Sweet One, there is absolutely no shred of doubt in my mind and heart that God gave us you. I know that your life is a good and perfect gift to us – a shockingly beautiful gift, this absolutely undeserved grace that your Daddy & I get to unwrap every single day.

We prayed […]