Day 15 – Listen to Your Mother

Dear One, I want you to know that you should listen to your mother.

You see, I wish I had taken more time over the years to listen to my own Mama, and now I’m trying to catch up. Days move quickly, and sometimes I realize that it’s been a week since I picked […]

Day 11 – Choose Your Friends Carefully

Child, we hear so often that you look just like us. So very often. It’s wonderful and it’s funny, and it’s stunning and we just think that’s just the way God works, as He forms families.

I’m so very proud that you look like me, Child. Amazed that a child of my flesh would […]

Day 8 – You’re not perfect (& that’s okay)

Child, we adore you. Really. It’s obvious, because when you asked Daddy last weekend for a puppy, I saw his iron-clad resolve start to crack, just a little. We think you’re extraordinary, truly, in so many ways. That’s the way it should be, I think – finding freedom in never wondering whether your parents […]

Day 7 – Burn Brightly

My dear girl – if you are anything like your Mama, there will be days when you have this fire in your bones, and your mind cannot hardly process quickly enough to combine words that express what you’re feeling and thinking and dreaming. Oh, I want you to have those moments. Such clarity and […]