Day 11 – Choose Your Friends Carefully

Child, we hear so often that you look just like us. So very often. It’s wonderful and it’s funny, and it’s stunning and we just think that’s just the way God works, as He forms families.

I’m so very proud that you look like me, Child. Amazed that a child of my flesh would […]

Day 10 – Seek Wisdom

Once upon a time, your Mama put some pieces together and realized that wisdom was what I needed most. I read the promise that if we lack wisdom, we can ask God, who would give it to us generously, without finding fault (because truly, I’ve never felt very deserving of wisdom, for all my […]

Day 7 – Burn Brightly

My dear girl – if you are anything like your Mama, there will be days when you have this fire in your bones, and your mind cannot hardly process quickly enough to combine words that express what you’re feeling and thinking and dreaming. Oh, I want you to have those moments. Such clarity and […]

Day 4 – You’re Beautiful

There is a song on the radio right now, with a super-catchy beat, and when it came on the other day you clapped and danced along to it. I did too. But then I listened to the words, Dear Girl, and I cringed. I hate that our world will teach you that your beauty […]