When Rest is Best

We watched a lot of Daniel Tiger when our sweet girl was in JK. It was because I’d read an article about how it was the only show that made kids better-behaved instead of worse-behaved. Good justification for screen time and a mama-break, right? Another article said parents watching it with their kids helped […]

Gathering In as the World Unravels

On Monday, I watched as a town unraveled in a matter of minutes. Many of us did, I suspect, as unmasked reporters choked on tear gas, shots rang out, and fires erupted.

It would be so easy to say, “not my people, not my mess, not my country,” but I know that in my country, […]

Day 5 – Rest

Dear One, we were created for rhythms of work and rest. Just as a good yeast-dough bread needs to rest before in the process of being shaped into its nourishing, delicious final form, we need to relax to develop and grow into what we were made to be.

It’s part of this wild goodness and […]