Our Wedding StoryLast month, Christin Taylor sat across from me, and I discovered a kind of kindred spirit. So beautiful! When she invited me to share my words with the Annesley Writer’s Forum where she is the Chief Editor, I was honoured (and a bit intimidated.) Whenever I write, I feel like a bit of an imposter – someone who just writes the way she talks, stumbling around a bit in a world of actual wordsmiths. She assured me that I would be just fine, and then gave generous encouragement even as she helped edit my words. She helped me leap into this world of beautiful words!

So, I’m sharing a story that is so precious to me in this month of weddings and June brides and romance (incidentally, it’s the month that my own romance with my beloved started eleven years ago) – about how our friends came around us and truly helped launch our marriage, and it made all the difference. Kind of like how Christin helped me be brave enough to write this post.

And, without peeking, can you guess how long our engagement was?

Find the answer about our wedding story over at the Annesley Writer’s Forum (and let me know how long your own engagement was!).