God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for more of what God has for you.

This article by Ellen Graf-Martin was originally posted on Holley Gerth’s blog.

photo by Karen_O'D

photo by Karen_O’D


From Ellen…

I love God sized dreams. Dreams that fit perfectly. Dreams that come true because God is in them. Dreams made personally for each one of us with our gifts, passions and experiences.

But here’s the thing I’d rather not know about God-sized dreams.

They are rarely easy.

Choosing God-sized dreams means wrestling and surrendering my strong-willed self to:

  • Wait for God’s best when I could choose the immediate, because I know deep, deep down that I can hold tight to God’s promise to not forget me.
  • Wake up and walk through the pain – even when it is hard hard, to get through to the other side, because I know that God is working all these hard things together for good (and friend, have I had practice with this over the last year! I suspect I’m not alone.).
  • Believe that God has purpose in His process, and will be faithful to shine His light on the next right step rather than giving me a clear cut roadmap to where I want to go (don’t we all want that?) and a great understanding of how it’s all going to be better.

What I am learning, slowly but surely, one baby step at a time is this – it is SO worth it to press through the difficult, the rarely easy. Because, friend – those God-sized dreams? Do they ever feel right. Like I fit in my own skin. Like I know I was made for this. There is nothing like living and breathing in that God-sized dream.  There is this hope set before us as we journey through the hard to get to the God-sized dream.

And because, as we grow and stretch, our God-sized dreams rarely stay the same over our lifetime, we will go through this surrendering all over again until we get to the next right spot. And we learn the heart of God – God’s heart for us – all over again in new ways. We will continue to learn that He is trustworthy, and He is working all of this together, and He knows how it all ends, and that for this dreamer who trusts in Him, it ends very well.


Ellen Graf-Martin is the founder of Graf-Martin Communications and you can find out more about her here.