Holley asked us this week to consider who inspires us. When I thought of it, no single person came to mind – but scrolling through mymind’s Rolodex (does anyone remember what that is?) and my Facebook ‘friends’ list, there is no end of inspiration.

Who inspires me?

Those who believe that pressing through, choosing courage, holding on to truth, and doing the hard work is worth the risk.

Those who are wrestling through what life has for them, doing what they’re called to daily – the mundane things and the extraordinary things.

Those who are choosing courage despite fear, those who receive very little praise for their unseen efforts, and those who humbly accept encouragement and affirmation for their public efforts.

Those who laugh and dance and share their brokenness and healing transparentlyand confidently because they know freedom, and those who are struggling against highly stacked odds to be free.Those who are bravely themselves, believing that they were placed in this world for a purpose.

Those who are living and embodying compassion and care – an area in which I feel so weak, and where I long to grow.

A friend bravely battling PTSD.

A mama rejoicing in her cancer remission.

A mentor to young moms thanking her birth mom & adoptive mom on her birthday.

A single woman choosing to chase her dreams.

My great-aunt glowing, dancing and beautiful as she celebrates 90 years.

The list is long – I could go on and on.

Those who inspire me are not perfect people, they’re those who wrestle and are growing and becoming who they were created to be. They’re beautiful in their imperfection, and growing in grace daily – some days more, some days less, but they’re heading in the right direction.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you are in that list, friend. I’m inspired by you – your courage, your joy, your compassion and your real self. Thank you for just being you.

So – who inspires you?