Introducing our Ellen’s Picks Community

Earlier this month, I was so honoured to share about how our friends helped my husband and I leap into marriage in February, 2008. It’s a principle I keep learning – how we need our friends to come alongside us, but also how we need to come alongside others.
In 2015, I invited some women from […]

Our Wedding Story (& the friends that help us leap)

Last month, Christin Taylor sat across from me, and I discovered a kind of kindred spirit. So beautiful! When she invited me to share my words with the Annesley Writer’s Forum where she is the Chief Editor, I was honoured (and a bit intimidated.) Whenever I write, I feel like a bit of an […]

On Finding Grace

Over the past 19 years, I’ve been part of a lot of Bible study groups. I’ve got stacks of well-worn study books that I just can’t throw out, because so much of my journey is on those pages. Sometimes when I tell people I love Bible study, or that I’m hosting a study, their faces reveal […]

What I’ve Learned So Far This Year

1. Pink is totally still my colour, even though I’m 40. And it’s possibly because of my childhood fascination with Jem and the Holograms. #magentahighlightsforever

2. Grieving does get easier. We marked the one year of Dad’s death in March, and it hurt. But it didn’t hurt as much as last year. I can look […]