On School Blessings


Next week, my baby starts school. Tomorrow, we meet her teacher. I’ve texted her teacher over the past few days, which feels just so weird (but awesome) to this “older” mom. Like so many other mothers facing this milestone, it doesn’t seem possible, honestly. Last night, I realized that I’m going to have to […]

On Discovering Roots & Sky {Ellen’s Picks Linkup}

If you’ve spent much time here lately, you’ve likely realized that seasons are a big deal for me. My Dad passed away on the first day of Spring this year, and my precious girl was born on the first day of Autumn. I struggle with being a west-coast transplant in a cold-winter part of […]

On Seasons

It’s August, and the air is heavy with summer. Literally heavy, with 93% humidity this morning, making the midday air feel like 41C (105 F for my American friends). There is something about the late-summer heaviness that both propels and slows me, a strange paradox. The slowing down to enjoy the season we’re in, […]

On Finding Your Happy Place

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember what brings you joy. Life is full of things to do. Essential things. Things that need to be done, like groceries to buy and meals to prepare for family members that need to eat, or underwear that needs to be washed. While my people really are my happy place, […]