On Pressing Pause

This Friday, I’m doing something radical.

I’m taking three weeks off. Three weeks, just me. I’m not going anywhere, doing anything special, or making giant declarations. My family will keep on going about their normal lives, but I’m pressing pause.

Just me, a pile of books, some comfy pants and a calendar with space to breathe.

Okay, […]

Ellen’s Picks Community – Introducing Barb

Last year I had the opportunity to connect and work with Barb Rudoski through Women’s Journey of Faith, and when I launched our Ellen’s Picks community last fall we linked arms in new ways. I have so enjoyed her sense of humour, her joy, her perseverance, and her love for her family. She lives […]

Choosing to Listen {On Finding Courage}

It’s spring and I spent the day yesterday cleaning out closets, packing away winter and bringing out summer (goodbye, heavy sweaters, hello, gauzy tops). I’m on a spring cleaning tear, friend.

Choosing what to change or get rid of can be hard (I was a bit emotional putting a favourite little shirt of our Sweet […]

On Planting Pansies

I’ve been quiet in this place lately. It’s not that I haven’t had words, but that I’ve had too many.

This past winter was full of words. Of confusing words. Of hard words. Of saying words that needed saying. Of saying goodbye a hundred times, each time not knowing if it was the last word.

Too […]