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    When You Need to be in the Company of Women {Ellen’s Picks Linkup}

When You Need to be in the Company of Women {Ellen’s Picks Linkup}

I love my husband. I really do. And my Dad? He was my biggest cheerleader. My brother has the most kind servant-heart. So many of the opportunities God has given me have been from incredible men who believed in me. I’m so grateful. But sometimes? Sometimes, I just need to be in the company of […]

On Going Back to Your Roots

Last week I got to spend time in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. You know you’re a real Canadian if you can say that 10 times fast, know where it is and can pronounce it properly.

I had the opportunity to share my heart about adoption, identity, sisterhood, and finding God when you’re walking in the dark. The […]

Spring Giveaway

If you know me at all, you know I love spring. LOVE spring. Crazy about it. Seriously crazy.

It might be that it’s a long time coming where I live here in Southwestern Ontario, but the shaking off of winter seems like this annual revival of all things fresh and alive, including me.

I’ve got the […]

On Remembering Dad

A year ago, when Dad died, we had an open mic time at the memorial service. I didn’t have capacity to share that day. It had been a deep season of loss, figuring things out, people to call, things to do and get done, and I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t time. I […]