On Finding Beauty in 2016

Overall, 2015 hasn’t been that bad of a year in our house. In some ways, I felt like I got my groove back. Good things happened at work. Dad survived a surgery that he (apparently) wasn’t supposed to. We became a real family when we bought a van. My beloved started a new job. […]

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    On Simply Tuesday & Finding My Cul-de-Sac {Ellen’s Picks Linkup}

On Simply Tuesday & Finding My Cul-de-Sac {Ellen’s Picks Linkup}

When I first picked up Simply Tuesday, I had no idea what I’d find inside. I’d been told it was good. The first couple chapters convinced me that it was good, and then I hit chapter three. Mercy.

One of my favourite things is to read late at night, tucked in cozy, quiet house, with […]

On Recognizing Ordinary as Precious

At Thanksgiving, among all the crisp white platters and dishes, I chose to bring out a serving bowl & bread plate from my Great-Grandmother’s set.  I never knew Grandma Engstrom, a farm wife in rural Alberta, who immigrated in the early 1920’s from Wisconsin; Bohemian in descent, married to a Swedish immigrant baker that […]

On Learning to Make Time {Ellen’s Picks Linkup}

I’ve got at least 100 hobbies, and a craft room overflowing with supplies. I’m also a wife, mama, daughter, active community member, business owner, and, wouldn’t you know it, my first strength (according to StrengthsFinder) is Responsibility.

Friends, that’s a lot to be responsible for.

This fall, when I launched a brand-new initiative for women of […]