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EP Guest Post - Carolyn Innis - FEATURE

EP Member Spotlight ~ Carolyn Innis: To the Leader in Her 20s…

…who feels in over her head- I’ve been there. I was green…I mean, as green as they come when I started my first significant leadership role in an organization. I was called into the CEO’s office at 23 years old and heard him pour over the details of the opportunity- managing a large team, establishing […]

1 comment
Fiercehearted linkup

Fiercehearted {Ellen’s Picks Linkup}

“The giant oak is an acorn that stood it’s ground.” A friend handed me a note with these words on it years ago, knowing my special affinity for oak trees, acorns and the deeper meaning they hold for me. Life is about learning to when to stand our ground and when to move, isn’t it? […]

EP Guest Post - Ellen - FEATURE

EP Member Spotlight ~ Ellen Graf-Martin: Leading in the Little Things

This week for our EP Member Spotlight, I’m sharing a few of my own perspectives on the topic of leadership… “I want to be a manager.” I’ve heard those words from a few people lately. Fresh-faced, ready to take on the world young people. One actually said she wanted to be “the boss.” And here’s what […]

EP Guest Post - Merry - Feature

EP Member Spotlight ~ Dr. Merry C. Lin: 6 Critical Principles of Life and Leadership

  In my work as a psychologist, coach, and HR consultant, I have worked with a number of leaders in very key roles. I have worked with them on their way up the ladder of leadership, and I have worked with them as they crashed and burned on their way down. And I’ll tell you […]