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Ellen's Picks Member Spotlight - Krista Penner

EP Member Spotlight ~ Krista Penner: Magnify Your Leadership Potential

I was three years old the first time anybody clued in to the fact that I did not mind standing up in front of a crowd and taking charge. It was a Sunday school pageant and I was convinced my friend Sharon needed me to straighten out her dress, so I turned around in front […]

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EP Member Spotlight - Misty-Blu Ropp

EP Member Spotlight ~ Misty-Blu Ropp: The Fullness of Being

“I want you to step away from leadership”.  I heard the whisper of the One I love calling me, wooing me away from the thing I loved – ministry, leading, students, worship, coaching, planning.  I thought surely I must be hearing wrong. I had recently been given a large leadership role overseeing a very interesting […]

EP Member Spotlight - Tracey Morrison

EP Member Spotlight ~ Tracey Morrison: Living A Life Worth Watching

First of all, I feel I must clarify that I am not really a “leader,” at least not in an official or professional sense. I realize that many of you reading this are professionals, counsellors, heads of ministries, etc. I have the privilege of walking and serving alongside my husband in a role known to […]

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EP Guest Post - Leanne McAlister

EP Member Spotlight ~ Leanne McAlister: Gifted Like A Girl

It was confusing to me. As a pastor, I would daily interact with ridiculously gifted women within our community…women with potential that I longed to see developed and utilized and yet when I shared with them “what I saw,” they could not see it themselves. They believed that they were nothing special, with nothing to […]