Summer of Awesomeness 2015 Book Giveaway!

So, let’s continue a tradition, you and I. Last summer, I declared the “Summer of Awesomeness” because we had a fairly miserable, difficult winter. Because I’m part bookworm, part of what makes a summer awesome is having space, time and a quiet sunny spot to read, read, read (and gummy bears).

I’ve been reading some […]

“Summer of Awesomeness” Book Giveaway

If you know me at all, you know I’m a reader. Like, a voracious, two-books-a-week, just-one-more-chapter-I-promise kind of reader. These days, with all that I’ve had going on in life, I’m more of a fiction and memoir reader than anything, because I love getting lost in a great story.

With summer in full-swing, and this […]