Day 13 – Be Fully Alive

Dear One, you are already a girl after my own heart. It is so fun to see how, already, you want to wear necklaces and jewelry. You love shoes, and ask every morning for a bow in your hair. Although you’re only two, you watch me carefully and know how to use a flatiron. […]

Day 7 – Burn Brightly

My dear girl – if you are anything like your Mama, there will be days when you have this fire in your bones, and your mind cannot hardly process quickly enough to combine words that express what you’re feeling and thinking and dreaming. Oh, I want you to have those moments. Such clarity and […]

Day 6- Allow Your Heart to Be Broken

Child, there are things in this world that will break your heart. Things that will be so painfully difficult to understand. Things like babies who are abandoned at birth, which can shatter a heart into a thousand pieces, and haunt your memories as you try to reconcile them with your own circumstances and story […]

Why Your Story Matters

On Monday I had the remarkable privilege of sharing a bit of my personal story on national Canadian TV. Live. No take-backs. No editing. Did I mention it was national?

Despite having been invited to share, there was still this small, doubting, mocking voice inside me asking, “why would anyone care? What’s so special about […]