Once upon a time, your Mama put some pieces together and realized that wisdom was what I needed most. I read the promise that if we lack wisdom, we can ask God, who would give it to us generously, without finding fault (because truly, I’ve never felt very deserving of wisdom, for all my own foolishness). I read that wisdom was to be pursued, because wisdom would protect, care for, and guide. And if one of history’s greatest kings chose wisdom as what he wanted, over riches and fame, it was likely good enough for this girl.

You may not know it yet, but at bedtime, as we snuggle in the dark, your head on my heart, my hand on your fluffy curls, I pray for you to be wise, Dear One.

Child, please learn the difference between knowledge and wisdom, and choose wisdom. Regularly. Earnestly seek it. See, too often we feel like we are wise enough, that we have enough knowledge, and don’t need anyone else’s opinions or insights but our hearts can be so deceptive, and feelings can rule decision making, and heaven help us if I make decisions based on my feelings when I’m not getting enough sleep or haven’t had enough coffee.

We think we’re clever enough to figure things out, but our world is so terribly complex, and the more I hear the stories of others, I know that I am at a complete loss to understand the full implications of my words, decisions and actions let alone those of another.

You will make bad decisions, and say the wrong things. You will do things that hurt others. That’s just the way we humans are. If you genuinely ask for wisdom, though, and keep your heart pliable and teachable, you will learn from your mistakes and leave these bad choices with tools in hand to choose differently next time. Although God gives it generously, wisdom, in my experience, is not necessarily obvious. It’s given generously, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, from a multitude of places, friends, parents, books, the Scriptures, experiences, woven together in our hearts and minds so that they become the place that we can make decisions from.

Seeking and choosing wisdom will protect you from the repercussions of our foolish choices. Our world wants to woo you, convincing you that you can have all knowledge, but it’s a lie. Be wise, Dear Girl.