Am I in the Way? - Ann Mainse

A new year. A fresh beginning. For some of us, the new year unveils a vast horizon of undiscovered possibilities… exciting opportunities waiting to be experienced. Others of us step over time’s threshold timidly, with hesitation, unsure of our ability to meet those yet-to-be realized life-challenges.

Me? I tend to do a little of both. Even as a Christian leader, I find myself spending way too much time second-guessing myself and my abilities (as if it’s all about me, anyway!). That tendency, along with worrying about the future, puts me smack dab right where I shouldn’t be… in God’s way.

Perhaps you’re there with me. See if this sounds familiar…

God says, “Give to Me all your worries and concerns and I will carry them.” (1 Peter 5:7) And I say, “Okay, here, Lord… but I can’t stop thinking about…!”

I keep getting in the way.

God says, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2) And I say, “Renew my mind? Too hard… I’ve tried and I can’t.”

So, God says, “Let Me make your thoughts and words pure and acceptable in My sight.” (Psalm 19:14) And I say, “But I don’t feel important enough for You to waste Your time on.”

I keep getting in the way.

God says, “I have watched you since before you were born. I’ve heard every prayer, kept every tear.” (Psalm 139:15, 16; 56:8) And I say, “But Lord, I’m afraid that the tears will come back.”

So, God says, “When you walk through difficult times, I will be with you. I will take care of you. I guarantee it.” (Isaiah 43:2) And I say, “But Lord, I’m worried about the trials I know are coming.”

So, God says, “My Perfect Peace will guard your heart and your mind.” (Philippians 4:7) And I say, “You already have my heart, Lord, but my mind? You can guard it, but I’ll hang onto the keys myself.”

I keep getting in the way. (Please tell me you can relate!) 🙂

God says, “I will keep you in Perfect Peace if you only trust in Me.” (Isaiah 26:3) And I say, “Ok, Lord, I trust you. But the situation hasn’t changed. Are you sure You know what You’re doing?”

I keep getting in the way.

God says, “Be filled with My Spirit.” (Ephesians 5:18) And I say, “Ok, Lord. But there isn’t much room for Him in here.”

So, God says, “Throw off those things that hold you back from experiencing true freedom in Me.” (Hebrews 12:1) And I say, “Ok, Lord. But although they’re not pretty, some of them have grown rather comfortable.”

I keep getting in the way.

Shouldn’t God be frustrated with me constantly getting in His way? Shouldn’t He get tired of me always seeing a dark side to His Light, a night to His glorious morning? Shouldn’t He grab me by the scruff of the neck and boldy deposit me (none too gently) right where I belong – out of His way? Shouldn’t He? Doesn’t He have the right? Of course He does. He’s God. But He doesn’t do it. (Aren’t you glad?!)

Like a wise and loving Father, He knows us for who we are. Compassionate Eyes see the helpless child in tender need of a strong Hand. Wounded Hands reach out to the lost soul in desperate need of a redeeming Saviour. Gracious Love nurtures the fragile blossom in constant need of His replenishing Spirit.

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Sounds like a lot of work. And it is – His work. He’s not the problem. And I think deep down we know it.

The problem is the person we see in the mirror… flaws and all! The problem is what makes us leaders in the first place – our God-given strength, which self-driven sin has turned into our greatest weakness. The problem is our will – our bold, determined, insecure, second-guessing will. It has to die – die to the little voice inside of us that reminds us of all that we are not… or die to the notion that we, alone, are enough. Die to self. We just have to.

It is only as we allow this process to come alive that we will ever truly begin to live. Live not for ourselves, for we know where that will get us. Live not for someone else, for who knows where that will leave us. To live for Him (and stop getting in His way 😉 ).

To throw open the curtains to this new year fueled by His will. To surrender our thoughts, our insecurities, our futures to God. Every minute of every day. Over and over again. And to be convinced beyond all doubt as to why.

He knows best. He loves most. He can be trusted.

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Ann MainseAnn Mainse Ann Mainse is best known for her years as co-host, with her husband Ron, of Canada’s longest running daily TV show, 100 Huntley Street. As well, she was the creator and host of Full Circle, a women’s TV talk show that aired for six years. Ann regularly speaks at women’s events, has a daily devotional radio segment on JOY Radio, and a daily podcast called Sincerely Yours, featured on

Recently, Ann and Ron have taken over leadership of Heart to Heart Marriage and Family Ministries, a stand-alone charitable ministry that helps couples learn how to do marriage God’s way. Sharing from the lessons they’ve learned over their 33 years of marriage, as well as accumulated wisdom from others on the journey, they provide help to couples who are either in crisis or simply want to enrich the marriage they have through fun and engaging ways. Together, they conduct all day marriage seminars, host fun date nights, take couples’ road trips, host weekend getaways, provide personal marriage coaching, and more! They believe that whatever time you set aside to enrich your marriage will have a lasting impact, not only for today, but into the next generation as well.

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