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“The giant oak is an acorn that stood it’s ground.” A friend handed me a note with these words on it years ago, knowing my special affinity for oak trees, acorns and the deeper meaning they hold for me.

Fiercehearted CoverLife is about learning to when to stand our ground and when to move, isn’t it? Standing my ground has been a fiercehearted discipline for me – especially when pain or fear say it is too risky, and that I’d be better off hiding. The flourishing and growth doesn’t come in the fear though, does it?

Fiercehearted ManifestoI’ve always been a brave sort of girl. High capacity. Fairly flexible, and able to do more than I probably should. With a big heart and a love for life and all that it holds. I need my quiet time in large doses, but I also need connecting time in vast amounts. I’m optimistic, and catch vision quickly, with ten ideas always tucked in my back pocket. I love creating and making things happen.

However, every so often, I seem to go through a cycle of weariness. A time when my tendency to over-responsibility makes me wonder if I’ve got what it takes. Where I feel insignificant and small. When I feel let down by others, and like I’ve not got much left to give. When my intentions were misunderstood. A time when I feel not at all fiercehearted, and reluctant to show up where I’ve been called to live fully and love bravely. Honestly, that’s typically what sends me running instead of standing my ground.

My sister-of-the-heart Holley shared her personal experience with choosing to be fiercehearted in her new book, Fiercehearted: Live Fully, Love Bravely {launching October 3rd!). Her fiercehearted manifesto encourages perspective in the midst of battling priorities, and is a balm to a tender heart wondering if she’s got what it takes.

Fiercehearted Manifesto

This is my longing for the sisterhood of women. That we would be free to live fully and love bravely. I want to watch my daughter learn to lead and love with her fierce, tender heart, with a confidence that chases Jesus, looking life in the face, saying “You can’t beat me.”

May we be fiercehearted women.

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